Nokia Senior VP: PureView imaging technology coming to our Windows Phones (updated)

We're sure many have fallen in love with Nokia's new cameraphone, but are perhaps not so willing to get back together with its Symbian OS. Fortunately, it looks like Nokia will be -- unsurprisingly -- gently placing its Pureview technology inside a future Windows Phone family member. Confirmed in Finnish broadsheet Aamulehti, Senior Vice President Jo Harlow said that although no date was penned in quite yet, it wouldn't be all that far away. The high-end camera credentials gifted to the Pureview 808 at MWC last week surprised plenty, given that Nokia proclaimed that its whole company had nailed its colors to the Windows Phone mast when it came to its flagship OS. Regardless, a polycarbonate PureView sounds pretty good to us.

Update: From a Nokia spokesperson: "We have stated that we plan to use PureView imaging technologies to deliver high-end imaging experiences in future Nokia products. Since Nokia is committed to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, that includes plans to bring PureView to Lumia over time... We look forward to revealing more in future, but for now we are focused on rolling out the Nokia 808 PureView to markets around the world."