The Daily Grind: Are you an MMO hoarder?

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The Daily Grind: Are you an MMO hoarder?
Packrats make me nervous.
My guildies will tell you I'm a little bit OCD when it comes to my in-game MMO organization. I keep a pristine inventory, bank box, and house, assuming the game offers these features. I simply cannot log out of a game without emptying my mailbox, selling off junk loot, and making sure every stack of ore is just so.

Other players game as if every MMO were an episode of Hoarders. We're not talking insects and pizza boxes here, but quest items from three expansions ago aren't out of the question ("maybe I'll use it for RP?"). In a way, I'm even a little bit jealous of these laissez faire folk, and I wonder whether they waste more time searching through their messy inventories than I do organizing mine obsessively.

What about you -- are you an MMO hoarder?

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