We're live from CeBIT 2012 in Hannover, Germany!

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|03.05.12

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We're live from CeBIT 2012 in Hannover, Germany!
Where is Hannover, you ask? Well it's definitely in Germany -- of that much we're sure. This town certainly isn't a tourist haven, save for a week in March when tech pros from every continent arrive and grow the city beyond its typical community of 500,000, but CeBIT is among the world's largest tech trade shows, and it's the sole purpose for our brief jaunt to Kansas City's sister metro. It's never crystal clear just what we'll see at CeBIT, though we've begun poking around one day shy of the show's official ribbon cutting, turning up a few surprises, such as this pink Galaxy Note. We'll of course be sharing whatever we happen to find between now and Thursday, so check back often for an inside look at Germany's flagship enterprise trade show.

Protip: Use our "CeBIT 2012" tag for all of our updates from the floor!%Gallery-149460%
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