Samsung unleashes Smart Touch Remote and Wireless Keyboard, we go eyes-on (video)

Along with announcing the official release details for its 2012 Plasma and Smart Interaction TV lineup today, Samsung also introduced its Smart Touch Remote and Wireless Keyboard. Essentially serving as the replacement for its 2011 Qwerty remote, the new Touch variant will come included with the ES7500 and ES8000 LED models and E8000 Plasma display. The retro-looking slab features tactile controls for channel switching and adjusting volume on its edges, while the middle section is dedicated to gesture controls for interacting with services like Smart Hub. Notably, the remote also features a built-in microphone which will assist with voice controls if ya happen to be far away from your TV. Moving along for those who like to type, the Wireless Keyboard will be available separately and features most of what you'll find on the remote cleanly affixed on its right side. We're also told that it's compatible with both models of the Galaxy Tab 2. We haven't heard any word on pricing or availability, but check out the gallery below and a cameo of the remote in the video past the break for further details.

Update: Sammy reached out and let us know that its new Wireless Keyboard will be priced at $99 once it hits shelves. %Gallery-149798%

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this post.