T-Mobile, Sprint and DirecTV file with FCC to halt Verizon's AWS acquisition

Ready for round two of the great spectrum wars? In what is undeniably an uncanny bit of wireless industry déjà vu, T-Mobile, Sprint, DirecTV, in addition to the Rural Telecommunications Group and six others, have filed a request with the FCC to halt its 180-day review of Verizon's AWS acquisition. According to the consortium's claims, documents submitted by Big Red and its cabler partners (Cox, Time Warner, Bright House and Comcast) in favor of the transaction are heavily redacted and therefore not in the public interest. The group is petitioning the Commission to place an absolute freeze on all of the operator's pending license transfers until full legal disclosure has been achieved. This latest Capitol Hill impasse comes right on the heels of VZW's own filing, in which it outlines an allegedly impending spectrum drought that would see specific pockets of its network hitting capacity by 2015. Neither the FCC nor DOJ have yet to weigh in on either of these proceedings, but, rest assured, this certainly won't be the last we hear of this mobile saga.