Fox and Universal titles blocked from Apple TV's iCloud, HBO is the culprit

Another season, another reason for Cupertino to update its major product lines (hello new iPad!) and one particular hobby: Apple TV. The revamped box, now imbued with an ability to stream videos in 1080p, will allow users to download previous iTunes store purchases from the iCloud. But before you dive in and revisit those cinematic gems in full HD, bear in mind not every studio is on board. According to All Things D, titles from Fox and Universal's libraries won't be made available as they're currently locked within an exclusive release window with HBO. For the pay cabler's part, a company exec has hinted that a resolution could be forthcoming, although no specific time frame for that peace-making play was specified. It's a down note to an otherwise exciting day in the land of Cupertino, but hey, at least we still have that $99 price point to keep our frustrations in check.