Apple TV update takes Digital Copy to the iCloud

The cloud is everywhere around us these days and while some cloud services are the greatest thing ever, others? Not so much. Taking our digital content to the cloud is obviously a good thing and Apple's iTunes Match takes all your music to the cloud and the latest Apple TV and iOS updates bring your Digital Copies there too. This makes it all too obvious why Apple choose to be the odd man out in the UltraViolet club -- as if the terrible user experience wasn't enough of a clue. Basically, like UV, you can buy a Blu-ray or DVD and use the included Digital Copy unlock code to authorize both a downloadable file and stream an HD copy to your updated Apple TV. Tech of the Hub was able to watch a previously activated Digial Copy in 720p (we'd assume 1080p on the new Apple TV) on the 2nd-gen Apple TV with yesterday's update, as well as download it to an iPhone with iOS 5.1. All of this without signing up for five different user accounts -- no HBO or Universal content yet, though.