WWJC (JailbreakCon) brings freedom fighters to San Francisco on September 29th

Chances are a grand number of you have gratefully used, or heard about, the tweaking tools supplied by the iOS jailbreak community. Last year's MyGreatFest gathering in London brought together Cydia's creator along with members of the Chronic Dev Team, but if you were hoping for something this side of the pond, you'll have another shot at rubbing elbows with them. During its 2012 edition, the WWDC WWJC, also known as JailbreakCon, will be rolling out the red carpet in San Francisco on September 29th. Those interested in trekking toward the Golden Gate Bridge can book their way into the keynotes and workshops by unleashing anywhere from 65 to 155 bucks per ticket -- the cheapest of the bunch being an "Early Bird" deal through June 29th. Feel like joining the jailbreak connoisseurs? You can find the rest of the deets, as well as as the hub to grab your tix via the source link below.