Patients using iPad to customize MRI scanning experience

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As fans of the TV hospital drama House can tell you, many hospital patients aren't exactly fond of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. They're loud, confining, and generally quite uncomfortable. Now PDC Facilities, a company specializing in products for the medical diagnostics imaging market, has come up with a new product that uses an iPad to control and customize the patient experience.

The product, known as the Caring MR Suite, lets patients "select personalized lighting, music, images and video to enjoy during their scan with a tap of the suite's iPad." If you're about to undergo a scan and would prefer to use your own music, images, and video, you can dock an iPhone or iPod for the ultimate in personalizing your way to a more comfortable experience.

Special LED lighting fixtures and high-resolution displays are embedded in the walls and ceilings of the suite and controlled by the iPad. For a better idea of how the Caring MR Suite works to make scans a less frightening experience for patients, check out the video below.

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