Archos outs G10 xs tablet line, readies Transformer Prime contenders

After releasing a teaser earlier today, Archos is now shedding a tiny bit of light on its upcoming G10 xs series. As slides from its recent Paris presser show, the upcoming tabs, of which little is known, will reportedly measure in at only 7.6mm thick, besting the silhouette of Apple's newest iPad; a figure that bumps up to only 11mm when paired with its companion keyboard dock. The convertible slates are set for a retail debut sometime this year and, despite not sharing the hinged design of ASUS' Transformer Prime, look to be aimed squarely at that same market space. No information was given as to the lineup's OS of choice (presumably, Android ICS) or specs, but we do know the devices will retail between 200 to 400 Euros, depending on the configuration. Hop on past the break for a brief video glimpse of this next generation in French-made tablet tech.