Prestigio's Multi 9.7 Android 4.0 tablet has an IPS display, arrives in May for 199 Euro

We were so busy fondling gaming machines and touchscreen Ultrabooks at CeBIT last week that we missed that tablet you see up there. That would be the Prestigio Multi 9.7, which -- surprise, surprise -- sports a 9.7-inch display. What's intriguing to us (besides the fact that we're generally obsessed with this sort of thing), is that we don't see nearly as many budget 10-inch tablets as we do 7-inchers. As you can see in the video below, it has a nice, fingerprint-resistant rubber back, along with an IPS display and Ice Cream Sandwich as an OS -- not too shabby for what's clearly a low-end device. Then again, the specs are appropriately modest: it has 8GB of built-in storage (expandable via microSD) and runs on a single-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 chip, bolstered by 1GB of RAM. According to Notebook Italia, it'll hit Italy in May for €199, though it's unclear if it will be available in other countries as well. Head past the break to find a video of it in action (skip to about 1:30 in), and hit that source link for more pics.