Apple adds iPad 2 to its recycling program

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Apple adds iPad 2 to its recycling program

If you're looking for another outlet to offload an iPad 2, then you should check out Apple's reuse and recycling program. The program now accepts the iPad 2 and will give you an Apple Gift Card if your tablet is still operational. It'll also take broken devices that would normally land in the refuse pile.

The program works just like Gazelle and ebay's Instant Sale. You fill out a questionnaire about the condition of the iPad and Apple will give you an estimated price. You then send in the tablet and Apple will send you a gift card after it evaluates the device's condition.

Prices for the iPad 2 start at US$205 for a good condition 16 GB WiFi model and go up to $320 for the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G version. If your device is a bit worn around the edges or doesn't work anymore, Apple will still recycle it for you. You'll may only get a small amount of cash for your broken device, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you recycled it properly.

[Via Computerworld]

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