iCEO is a plush Steve Jobs

Throwboy's got a new pillow coming out soon, and as you can see above, it's in the shape of a plush Steve Jobs. I don't know -- some of you might say this is too soon after the late, great CEO's passage last October, but we certainly wouldn't have had a problem celebrating Steve in this way when he was alive, right? I figure that this man is an icon in every sense of the word, even the huggable ones.

The iCEO pillow, as it's called, is available for preorder now, and ships in August for $60. It's 15 inches tall, with a 100% cotton turtleneck (of course), and 100% denim jeans (of course). And just in case you're still not sure if Steve would have appreciated this, Throwboy is also donating ten percent of the proceeds from the pillow to the American Cancer Society. Seems like a win all around to me.