Meizu Flyme Store surpasses 100 million downloads, now boasts 10,000 apps

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|03.15.12

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Meizu Flyme Store surpasses 100 million downloads, now boasts 10,000 apps
It looks like Apple isn't the only company that has some boasting to do for its app store. Meizu, the company behind the eponymous Meizu MX smartphone and the Flyme OS (based on Android), has just shouted from the figurative rooftops that its Flyme Store has now surpassed 100 million downloads. Most impressive about this achievement is that of the total sum, a full 90 million took place in the last year alone. Unlike Apple's App Store, which now contains more than 550,000 titles, the Flyme Store currently offers just 10,000 applications, which makes the achievement all the more impressive. To mark the event, Meizu rewarded its 100 millionth customer with a 10,000 yuan credit for the Flyme Store -- which means a shopping spree is definitely in order. You'll find the celebratory PR after the break.
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MEIZU Flyme Store passes 100 million downloads

HONG KONG-March 14, 2012-MEIZU announces today that its Flyme Store passes 100 million downloads through the millions of MEIZU smartphones in China, Hong Kong, and beyond. The 100 millionth app downloaded was Mobile QQ by Zeying Mao (Flyme ID: mao330) from Tianjin. As the user who downloaded the 100 millionth app on Flyme Store, Zeying will receive 10,000 yuan in credit for use on the Flyme Store.

"Before launching M9 in 2011, the Flyme Store had around 10 million downloads. One year later, we broke through the 100 million barrier. Following the release of the MX, the rate of new downloads is accelerating even more." said Eddy Lin, Flyme Store Product Manager. "We want to create a better environment for our developers. Previously, we gave away 10 million yuan in Flyme Store credits to our users when we launched paid apps, working hard to cultivate the acceptance of paid apps in China."

Launched in November 2009, the Flyme Store was designed to give MEIZU smartphone users greater choice and higher quality mobile apps. MEIZU offers developers its own SDK, through which developers can create apps fully compatible with MEIZU hardware and the Flyme UI which users around the world have come to love. Currently, the Flyme Store features over 10,000 downloads organized in 13 categories; including games, lifestyle, multimedia, transportation and the newly launched themes.
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