Conde Nast to track iPad readership

It's been two long years for advertisers working with Conde Nast and their digital magazines. Until now, the publication has provided advertisers with only minimal details on its digital readership. An AdAge report suggests this is all about the change.

Because of the newness of the medium, Conde Nast had to develop new tools and new ways to gather significant data from iPad, Kindle and Nook readers. The publishing company has ironed out some of the kinks and is ready to provide regular data on:

  • the magazine's paid tablet subscriptions and single-copy sales during the reporting period

  • the number of readers that actually opened the issue's tablet edition, including print subscribers using their complimentary digital access

  • the total number of times that readers opened it and the time that readers spent with it

The is welcome news to advertisers like Robin Steinberg, Executive Vice President and Director of publishing investment and activism at MediaVest, who said, "There is no doubt this is not only a good move but the right move."