Jolicloud Me opens in beta, brings together shares in the cloud

For as small as Jolicloud is, the company sure knows how to hang around. After renaming its cloud-based desktop operating system to Joli OS (and subsequently open-sourcing the thing), the outfit is taking a somewhat different approach with its latest offering. Jolicloud Me is a new type of cloud organizer -- think of it as a mashup between Pinterest and Dropbox, among other things. It's a high-level aggregation tool that pulls together cloud-based information and shares; things like music, images and video -- regardless of where they came from -- are grouped together. We've certainly seen social sharing aggregators before, but there's a certain level of elegance to this one. Beta invites are going out today (see the source link), with platform support for Android, iOS and the world wide web via HTML5. Something tells us we're just a few months out from yet another service that aggregates the aggregators.