Qbo robot gets Xtion Pro motion sensor add-on, can't help but gloat (video)

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|03.19.12

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Who would spend their allowance on Asus's expensive Xtion Pro motion sensor? Qbo the cute open-source robot would, because he needs a constant stream of new abilities to maintain his youthful self-image. The sensor's laser emissions create a "3D point cloud" that is added to data from Qbo's existing odometer and gyroscope to create maps, model objects in 3D and plan movements. Why the Xtion instead of the cheaper Kinect? The robot's builders, The Corpora, simply say they picked it for its "small size and weight" as well as its ability to adapt easily -- which was precisely Asus's developer-friendly intention in the first place. See the world as Qbo sees it, right after the break.

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