Runner2 delayed until November, Gaijin 'thinking' about Wii U version

Gaijin Games has told Eurogamer that Runner2, which we recently played in a very early state, will be released in November of this year, despite originally being slated for "early 2012." As Eurogamer notes, that puts the PSN/XBLA game somewhere within the Wii U's release window. Accordingly, co-director Mike Roush told the site that a Wii U release is "definitely something we're thinking about."

Gaijin's plans for the PS3/Xbox releases were made before the announcement of the Wii U. "When we made these decisions we never knew about Wii U, he said. "So rather than us 'leaving Nintendo', it's that these decisions were made a year ago," Roush said. "We would never leave Nintendo, we love them to death."