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Porsche 918 hybrid supercar rolls out of our dreams, onto the tarmac

Concepts, concepts, darned concepts. Teasing us with their curvy lines, and never-to-be-seen futuristic promise. Every once in a while, though, one pops out from the drawing board and into reality -- the Porsche 918 hybrid supercar being one such example. We'll admit we drooled a little when we saw the initial shots, and trembled slightly at the real world concept outed at the Geneva Motor Show 18 months ago. So, knowing it's finally made it out on the track filled us with more than a little glee. It seems development is coming along just fine, with three test versions out in the wild, and our friends over at Autoblog were lucky enough to get a ride in one of them. Sure, it was "only" at half power, so not the full roar of that 770 horsepower engine, but we're still pretty jelly. The $845,000 price tag might make you wince a little, but tears of joy will wash any pain away 3.1 seconds later, as you hit that magical 60mph. You've got until September 18th next year to save up the pennies, or ogle the gallery below.