Instagram and Hipstamatic to announce photo-sharing partnership

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.21.12

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Instagram and Hipstamatic to announce photo-sharing partnership
Historically, Instagram has been the definition of closed. It's only available on one platform (iOS), and no third-party services were allowed to port content in via an API. According to Fast Company, that's changing today. It's bruited that Instagram will be opening its doors ever-so-slightly to one Hipstamatic, enabling users of the latter to tag their photos with lenses and filters, and then push them into the Instagram universe. It's being likened to Foursquare users pushing their check-in information to Facebook and Twitter, and it's bound to increase the visibility (and revenue) of Hipstamatic. Hopefully it's just the first deal of many to be cut, but on the real -- we're pretty sure an Android version of Instagram should've taken priority over this. Just sayin'.
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