Apple patent app portends gadgets made of glass

Thought all those shattered screens and iPhone 4 backplates would push Apple towards making mobile devices machined from aluminum like its laptops and tablets? Think again, friends, because a newly published patent application from Cupertino indicates the company is considering crafting portable computing devices out of glass. The app claims a "substantially seamless enclosure . . . extruded in its entirety with glass material" so that wireless signals can freely flow to and fro, along with a method for manufacturing such a device. Naturally, this is only an application, and it doesn't say exactly what kind of super-durable glass would make this a desirous design change. So, who knows if we'll ever see an all-glass exterior on an iPhone or iPod, but you can get a more in-depth peek at that potential future at the source link below. You can also get a glance at what'll be Android's new anthem should that glass-filled future come to pass after the break.