Kindle app for Android updated with Send-to-Kindle functionality, lets you sling documents to green little robots everywhere

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Fan of reading, you maverick you? Well if you're rocking an Android device, head on over to the Market Google Play and hit update on that Kindle app, as the online retailer from the Northwest has some fresh bits waiting for you. New today is access to a bevy of illustrated content -- like children and comic books in addition to graphic novels -- coupled with the debut of Send-to-Kindle support on Android. We're most excited about the latter as it enables plebes to send documents to their "Send-to-Kindle" email address, only to find said files magically pushed to their device for later perusal. And as an added bonus, a copy's conveniently safeguarded for additional downloads at a later date within Amazon's cloud. Made it this far? Clearly you love reading, so go do some more by clicking in the source below.
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