Xbox 360's Comcast Xfinity TV app in beta testing, won't count against data caps when it launches

We're still waiting for the Comcast Xfinity TV app to appear on our Xbox 360 dashboards, but word is its beta tests have expanded to cover more Microsoft and Comcast employees, and it could launch as soon as the next week or so. In case you're wonder exactly what its capabilities will be when it will arrives, a post over at AVSForum points out a support page that's already live and details both the requirements for service and content available. Customers that have Xbox Live Gold and both internet and video services from Comcast will be able to log into the app with their ID and view video on-demand (no live TV) including free videos, national broadcasters and premium channels. That includes access to HBO Go (which will already have an app) and additional content from Max Go, as well as other premium stations -- basically the same lineup currently available on the Xfinity website. Also notable is confirmation that the cross-provider content search Microsoft is so proud of will apply here, and that any video viewed through the app won't count against those 250GB data caps Comcast has in place. Hit the link below for all the answers currently available, we'll wait until its actually launched to try out the promised Kinect voice and gesture control features.

[Thanks, Tyler]