to shutter service April 30th, facelift on the way

Sponsored Links to shutter service April 30th, facelift on the way
Have you linked your personal data to's cloud? Did you even know that was possible? Well, tough luck Johnny-come-latelies because it's too late now, anyway, as that feature is destined to sunset at the end of next month. Users who'd previously opted-in for that remote storage have begun to receive notices via email regarding the company's plans to pull the plug on April 30th and have been urged to download and back up all pertinent info before it heads for the recycle bin. The transition is reportedly part of a service overhaul, with an enhanced consumer-facing experience in the works for an unspecified future launch. Just what those service enhancements entail we can't say for sure, as the OEM's staying relatively mum on the subject. We did, however, reach out to the company for an official comment which you can read after the break.

[On] April 30, HTC will be removing some services. Customer data will be available for download until that date to ensure customers do not lose any important information. This is in response to customer feedback, and HTC is working to improve our services to provide a more enhanced customer experience.
What that enhanced customer experience looks like is yet to be announced, but in the meantime, HTC recommends that customers who want additional security, phone location or backup services should visit the Android marketplace to download the applications that best meet their needs.
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