Apple secures patent on multiple-arm, multiple-frequency antenna design

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.27.12

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Apple secures patent on multiple-arm, multiple-frequency antenna design
If not for Leap Day, Apple would've seen this one granted a year to the day after it was filed; as it stands, 365 days will just have to do. At any rate, Apple has not only managed to secure a patent this fine morning for an ejectable SIM tray, but also one for an antenna isolation apparatus. In simple(ish) terms, the patent details an antenna structure in a portable electronic device that's comprised of "first, second, and third resonating elements aligned along a common axis parallel to a ground plane," with a multiple-arm, multiple-frequency design taking shape. It's also pretty clear that the intention here is to reduce radio-frequency interference between the antennas -- something that'll prove increasingly important as wave support is added in future iPhones. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether this patent will allow AT&T-infused iPhone 5 handsets to display "7G" in the indicator bar.
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