Daily iPhone App: Video Star lets you play the lead in a pop star video

Video Star is a glitzy app that lets you record pop star-style videos using your iPhone or camera-enabled iPad. It's not a serious video recording and editing program, but a lightweight app that uses a variety of effects to spice things up.

Every good rock video must have music, and Video Star lets you import an audio track from your iTunes library on your phone. In fact, selecting the audio is the first thing you do when you create a new clip. You can tweak the audio clip by cropping it or adjusting the speed and the pitch. If you don't want audio, you can just skip this step.

Once the audio is selected, you can move on to the video making part of the app and for Video Star, it's all about the effects. You can choose between different layouts, overlay icons like hearts or balloons, add blur, change the color effects, use green screen, add borders and more. If the default set of customizations is not enough, you can buy add-on packs for 99-cents using an in-app purchase.

Video Star lacks any editing features, so you can't go back and tweak a section of the video. Shooting a video with Video Star is a one take process, unless you use a more sophisticated app to crop and mix clips. When you are done recording, you can review the video in the app and save it to your camera roll. You can also send it to someone via email or upload it to YouTube.

Video Star is perfect for teens, tweens and anyone else who wants to make lively, glitzy or funny videos using their iOS device. It would be a big hit at a birthday or slumber party. It would also be great for parents who want to grab a quick video when their children are acting silly. If you are creative and plan your shots, you could use it to record an amateur music video; though, you might have to use another app like iMovie to edit any imperfections.

You can grab Video Star from the App Store for free.