Box OneCloud learns from Dropbox and iCloud, allows simpler document editing on-the-go (video)

If you're an avid Box user, what we're about to say is apt to have a great, positive impact on your life. For everyone else -- well, chances are you aren't about to swap out of whatever cloud ecosystem you're already entrenched in. In an effort to create a somewhat unique take on iCloud and Dropbox, Box has introduced OneCloud for iOS, a self-proclaimed "enterprise mobile framework to bring together your mobile content and the mission-critical apps designed to work with it." For now, it'll support over 30 iOS programs, four of which add "round-trip" integration; in other words, OneCloud will enable you to open a document in QuickOffice, edit it, and save it back without ever having to manually switch programs. To its credit, this is about as close as one could come to being genuinely productive on a device that tends to have productivity a bit lower on the priority rungs, but the video after the break still shows just how clunky the whole operation is. For our money, an ultralight laptop still makes more sense for business professionals on the go, but it's certainly not a bad backup to have around for making tweaks in a pinch.