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Clarion's Android-running Mirage IVI: a head unit that can play Angry Birds

Clarion's Android-running Mirage IVI: a head unit that can play Angry Birds
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Cooper|@danielwcooper|March 28, 2012 7:40 AM
Remember the Clarion Malaysia IVI that was teased back in December? The company's just unveiled the finished product, which you can call Mr. Clarion Mirage. The Android-running car stereo, head unit, erm, In-Vehicle Infotainment system is a hefty Double DIN unit, with a 6.5-inch display up front and plenty of tech packed inside. Intel's embedded systems division Wind River supplied the customized version of Froyo, Navigon offered up a navigation engine and industrial designers Plextek helped design the hardware. The Clarion Mirage has USB and AV-out ports, an SD card slot and is designed to be as flexible as a smartphone: capable of playing back music and video, running apps from Google Play or working as a display repeater with consoles. There's no official word on pricing or availability, but the scuttlebutt says it'll arrive in Q4 of this year. We've reached out and will update if we learn more.
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PENANG, 27 March 2012: Clarion Malaysia has launched the Clarion Mirage – the first
Android-based full automotive grade car stereo.

Equipped with a 6.5-inch screen and the iconic Android touch-screen graphical user
interface (GUI), the Clarion Mirage is an integrated audio-visual-navigation (AVN) unit that
was conceived and developed in Clarion Penang, Malaysia. It offers connectivity to an
Android or iPod device via Bluetooth streaming or a USB connection for content streaming, playback and hands-free in-car telephony.

The Clarion Mirage also offers playback of AV content – audio files, video files and digital still
images – direct from a SD/SDHC card or a USB device. Its other key features include an in-
built Navigon navigation system, AM-FM radio with RDS and Clarionʼs proprietary VAPS 3D
digital sound processing system.

Clarion Malaysia managing director T.K. Tan described the Clarion Mirage as "a smart car

"Anyone who uses an Android cell phone knows that it is much more than just a device to
make and receive calls. It is a smart phone. Similarly, the Clarion Mirage is more than just
your typical car stereo. It is a smart car stereo that is upgradeable," he said at the global
launching ceremony of the product here today.

Tan said the Clarion Mirage was "Malaysian by birth, but it is also, in form and function, a
technology product for the global market in this second decade of the 21st Century."

"This product was conceived in Penang, Malaysia, with full development support from our
Clarion HQ in Japan and the Malaysian Government. It is only right that we launch it right
here, today. That said, the Clarion Mirage was developed in collaboration with our renowned
global technology partners," he added.

Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software and a wholly owned division of
Intel Corporation, assisted in the development of the unitʼs customised Android software
platform and provided software integration.

Navigon AG, a Garmin company, provided the navigation engine and helped Clarion
Malaysia to compile, for the first time, a seamless regional map for Thailand, Malaysia and

Meanwhile, Plextek Ltd, a UK-based research and development company, collaborated with
the Clarion R&D Team to complete the designing of the hardware.

VIPs who were present to witness the global launching today include Georg Doll (Vice-
President/General Manager, Automotive Solutions, Wind River Germany) and Ian Murphy
(Technical Director, Plextek Ltd).

Tan said the Clarion Mirage was a full automotive grade (or original equipment manufacturer) product that would be marketed to car manufacturers and assemblers worldwide.

"In order to qualify the Clarion Mirage as a full automotive grade product, we have had to
design, develop and test it to meet international automotive standards for quality and safety. Only then do we dare to market it as a full automotive grade product to car manufacturers or assemblers worldwide for placement in new cars," he said.

"Since the introduction of Android smart phones and tablets, those of us who love our tech-
toys have asked what it would be like to put an ʻAndroidʼ in a car. Today, Clarion Malaysia
has answered that question with the Clarion Mirage.

"We are launching the first Android-based car stereo that is upgradeable and fun, yet safe
enough and reliable enough for car manufacturers and assemblers to put in your next new
car," he added.

Clarion Malaysia designs and manufactures automotive audio and video products and
related accessories. It also serves as the regional sales and marketing headquarters for the
Asian, Middle East and African markets.