3 robeless transmogrification looks for the fashionable caster

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|03.29.12

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3 robeless transmogrification looks for the fashionable caster
Once upon a time, most of the gear a distinguishing caster had to choose from was robes. If you wanted to wear the best gear available to you, your choice was pretty much a robe and some sparkly shoulders. There are very, very few sets, if any at all, that are modeled around pants and tops. This eventually led to the creation of the infamous video above by Cranius. Forget classy pants -- if you want to fling fireballs, a dress is pretty much your only option.

Or rather, it was your only option. With transmogrification, cloth-wearing casters suddenly have a whole host of options open to them that don't involve robes at all. Male characters who would like to look super-manly now have the opportunity to do so. And female casters who are tired of fighting dragons in skirts? Well, you've got plenty of options, too -- and today, we're highlighting three snazzy cloth looks with nary a robe in sight. My fellow casters, it's high time to drop your skirts and take a look at just a few of the looks out there to nab.

Gossamer gear for the hardy traveler

There are lots of low-level cloth green sets out there, and some sets include both a robe option and a tunic option as well, like the look below.
  • Helm No helm needed; let your hair fly free and unfettered!
  • Back You don't really need a cloak for this outfit, but if you're so inclined, pick up something in the same color palette or a simple black cloak.
  • Chest Gossamer Tunic
  • Shirt No shirt needed with this outfit!
  • Wrists Gossamer Bracers
  • Hands Gossamer Gloves
  • Waist Gossamer Belt
  • Legs Gossamer Pants
  • Feet Gossamer Boots
  • Shoulders The Gossamer shoulders really don't go with this outfit, so instead we've opted for Durable Shoulders, another random green item. The browns work well together!
This set has a very distinctive, rustic adventurer look to it that works well for a random traveler out and about to see the world. Because it is composed of green items, you'll likely have to do some farming to obtain it. The Durable Shoulders can be found on level 25-to-33 mobs, so focus on zones like Stranglethorn Vale, both upper and lower, and The Hinterlands to try and get your hands on the shoulders.

As for the Gossamer set, it can be found on mobs anywhere from level 45 to 56. You'll want to look in Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, or any other zone in that level range. Of course, you can always keep an eye on the Auction House for these items as well -- but be warned, this is a pretty popular set, and it may be going for quite a chunk of change.

Embersilk for the discerning caster

Is brown really not your style? Rather have something dark and mysterious and fiery all at the same time? Keep your eyes peeled for Embersilk -- no, not the Cataclysm tailoring reagent. This is actually a low-level set that was in game long, long before the current expansion.
  • Helm Once more, don't worry about the helm. This is all about the snazzy threads!
  • Back A simple black cloak is probably your best option here, though a cloak in contrasting colors could have a nice effect, too.
  • Chest Embersilk Tunic
  • Shirt Dark Silk Shirt, created by your local tailor
  • Wrists Embersilk Bracelets
  • Hands Embersilk Mitts
  • Waist Embersilk Cord
  • Legs Embersilk Leggings
  • Feet Embersilk Boots
  • Shoulders Much like the Gossamer Shoulders mentioned above, the Embersilk Shoulders really don't go too well with this outfit. Instead, look for the Sanguine Mantle, a low-level green shoulderpiece that matches the set perfectly.
All of these pieces fall in the level 36 to 44 range. You'll want to concentrate your efforts in Thousand Needles, Feralas, and Dustwallow Marsh. The nice thing about this set is that the chestpiece is little more than an open vest, so you can put any shirt you like underneath it for a variety of looks. I went with the Dark Silk Shirt simply because the colors play well off of each other, but if you're a tailor, you can likely make a host of assorted shirts. And if you don't happen to be a tailor, find a friendly one and see what they happen to have in stock.

These are both green sets -- sets meant and made to be worn together. There are plenty of other matching cloth sets out there, and you can simply go that route if you wish ... but goodness knows I do love some mixing and matching.

Mixing and matching for a casual look

There's nothing saying you have to make all of your pieces match precisely. Sometimes, it's far more interesting to simply mix and match pieces of gear to see what you can come up with. The look here is just one of many that makes a simple statement -- an entirely casual look to wear while you're melting faces or stealing souls.
This set takes advantage of the shirt-like look of the Buccaneer's Vest. The model is different on male and female characters; males get the open-necked shirt in the picture, while females get a shirt that shows off their belly. Between the shirt and the simple look of the pants, you've got a caster look that doesn't really scream caster at all.

If you're looking for helm options, there are plenty of simple hats out there like the Master's Hat, a charming black number that shares models with a host of different hats. You could look for a simple cloth headband like the Black Mageweave Headband craftable by tailors. Or you can simply turn of the hat graphic altogether.

Casters have been wearing robes for so long that they often forget that the pants for various sets are just as visually interesting as the robes that are covering them. If you're a caster looking for something completely different, try a robeless look to see how it suits you. Use a little creativity in layering your looks, and you'll be waving goodbye to that big blue dress in no time.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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