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Application Developers Alliance reveals its founding directors

Application Developers Alliance reveals its founding directors
Sharif Sakr
Sharif Sakr|April 2, 2012 8:30 AM
The ADA hasn't only been recruiting members, but founding directors too. It's succeeded in getting Google and RIM around its laptop-laden table, as well as representatives from CBS Interactive, AT&T Interactive and numerous other companies listed in the PR after the break. If you're an app developer, and if you sign up, these guys will be your A-Team. Now they just need a logo.

Update: now with more logo.
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Application Developers Alliance Announces Founding Board of Directors

Leading companies and industry experts bring
broad range of experience and services to newly formed Apps Alliance

Google, RIM, Brad Feld, Robert Scoble and others join Alliance in commitment to serve developers, drive industry innovation and growth

Washington, D.C., (April 2, 2012) – Many of the top names in application development, app integration and digital media have joined the Application Developers Alliance and are among its founding board of directors. The board will convene for the first time April 24 in San Francisco.

The Apps Alliance Board will be responsible for guiding the organization, formally launched Jan. 3, 2012, to deliver services to developers and drive innovation and growth within the development industry. Since its formation three months ago, Apps Alliance membership has already grown to more than 4,500 individual developers and 45 corporate members and service sponsors.

"It's gratifying that such significant individuals and companies are supporting our mission of providing developers with more resources to power innovation and growth," said Alliance founder and President Jon Potter. "By joining together in support of app developers, they're acknowledging that small and medium-sized developers are a critical source of talent and innovation that has to be cultivated for the whole industry to succeed."

The board members bring a broad range of relevant expertise to the Alliance, including global platforms Google and RIM; content publishers AT&T Interactive and CBS Interactive; leading tool developers and application producers such as Media Chaperone, TMSOFT, Locaid Technologies, appMobi and The Echo Nest; and evangelists and innovators like Robert Scoble, Joel Spolsky and Brad Feld.

The full board includes:
Philippe Browning, Vice President, Advertising and Operations, CBS Interactive
Don Dodge, Developer Advocate, Google
Brad Feld, Co-founder, Foundry Group
Mike Fordyce, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Publisher Products & Partnership Management, AT&T Interactive
Josh Hartwell, CEO, Mobile Deluxe
David Kennedy, CEO, appMobi
Ed Lewis, CEO and Founder, Media Chaperone
Jim Lucchese, CEO, The Echo Nest
Andrew Maltin, CEO and Co-founder, MEDL Mobile
Josh Matthews, CEO and Co-founder, Apkudo, Inc.
Todd Moore, Founder, TMSOFT
Naomi Morita, Vice President, Product Development, Locaid Technologies
Grant Neerings, Chief Technology Officer, DIY Media Services
Jose A. Vallés Núñez, Director, BlueVia
Alec Saunders, Vice President Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, RIM
Robert Scoble, Startup Liason Officer and Developer Evangelist, Rackspace
David Simon, Managing Director, Woobaa Games, Inc.
Joel Spolsky, CEO and co-founder, StackExchange.com

The Alliance provides application developers with tools, resources and services to help them grow, learn and create. Its services include training and education, business development support; public policy advocacy, and access to an online collaboration network for developers.

About Application Developers Alliance
The Application Developers Alliance is newly formed industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of application developers. The Apps Alliance supports developers of every type, across all languages and platforms and works to make building, testing and shipping great apps easier for all developers. Alliance members include more than 3000 individual application developers, software entrepreneurs and leaders, and beneficiaries of application innovation. Visit us at appalliance.org.