Pioneer adds two new Elite receivers to its 2012 lineup

Pioneer's 2012 AV receiver lineup is growing by two with the new VSX-42, priced at $450, and the $650 VSX-60. Both feature six HDMI inputs on the back, Ethernet, video scaling, optional Bluetooth ($99) with A2DP, AirPlay, DLNA, Pandora and iOS or Android apps. The VSX-60 sets itself apart with 10 more watts per channel, 7.2 instead of 7.1, optional WiFi and a superior video processor. As if that wasn't enough, the VSX-60 also has an HDMI input up front, is SiriusXM ready and adds a number of video and audio enhancement like Stream Smoother, Advanced Video Adjust and a few others worth reading about in the press release after the jump. With a trend placing the AV receiver at the center of your home theater universe, these Pioneer units have just enough useful features to make us ponder upgrading (still-functional) existing gear.

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VSX-42 and VSX-60 Designed for Conventional and Advanced Installations

LONG BEACH, CA – (April 3, 2012) – Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduced two new Elite® branded AV receivers for consumers who demand more control and connectivity from their home entertainment systems in addition to best-in-class audio performance. The Elite VSX-42 (suggested retail price, $450) 7.1-channel and VSX-60 (suggested retail price, $650) 7.2-channel receivers incorporate Pioneer's renowned audio and video technologies, advanced network and smart streaming features such as Apple's AirPlay®, DLNA® (1.5) and Internet radio, with performance features including 192kHz/24-Bit FLAC, WAVE file streaming, Hi-Bit DACs and HDMI® conversion and video scaling. The two models also include a variety of audio, video and custom home theater enhancements including MCACC® auto-calibration, multi-HDMI inputs and Pioneer's proprietary apps for iPhone® and iPad®, including its new ControlAPP and iControlAV2012.

"Our Elite receivers are designed for both conventional installations that can be done by consumers as well as those by professional installers who can take advantage of their advanced features," said Chris Walker, director of AV marketing and product planning for the Home Electronics Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Advanced Connectivity
Each Elite receiver is network capable, offering Ethernet connectivity to provide a wider range of content and set-up options, as well as control of home theater systems. Features in both models include:
• AirPlay – Elite consumers can wirelessly bring their entire iTunes music library into their home theater system using both receivers' built-in Apple AirPlay technology1. The music from iTunes can be quickly accessed through a personal computer or an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch®, and the album art and audio metadata can be displayed on a connected monitor/TV. Wi-Fi connectivity with Pioneer's optional AS-WL300 network adapter is available for the step-up VSX-60 to simplify the connection process.
• DLNA Certified (1.5) – The Elite receivers are also DLNA Certified, allowing music content to be shared from a PC to the receiver via the consumer's home network. Through Ethernet or the optional AS-WL300 wireless network adapter (on the VSX-60 only), each receiver can access and play high resolution music up to 192kHz/24-Bit FLAC and WAV. Audio can also be streamed and controlled through the Elite receivers using other compatible DLNA Certified media servers, providing a highly flexible way for consumers to share and play their high resolution music collections.
• Bluetooth Audio Streaming– With the optional Bluetooth adapter, each receiver supports wireless Bluetooth transfer of audio content from any A2DP Bluetooth wireless enabled mobile device or personal computer. Pioneer's AS-BT200 ($99) Bluetooth adapter allows listeners to keep their phones close to them while they enjoy music wirelessly through their home theater systems without the need to connect to a home network. And, with Pioneer's exclusive Sound Retriever AIR technology, specifically designed to enhance Bluetooth audio transmissions, music playback delivered via Bluetooth achieves remarkable sound quality.
• Music Services – The VSX-42 and VSX-60 are equipped with vTuner® Internet radio to bring thousands of high quality Internet radio stations into the living room for endless music entertainment. The feature is further enhanced with the addition of PANDORA® Internet radio and access to SiriusXM® Radio (with paid subscription) with the VSX-60 model.

Mobile Power
As portable devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch continue to become key sources for home entertainment systems, Pioneer continues to design its Elite receivers to utilize the wealth of content from these types of devices as well as provide the larger emotional experience of high definition multi-channel home theater.
• ControlApp and iControlAV2012 – Controlling home entertainment systems with mobile devices is becoming more popular, and Pioneer makes it possible with its proprietary apps, ControlApp (for VSX-42) and iControlAV2012 (for VSX-60). Both are available as a free download from the Apple App Store for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or, and as an Android App by download from Google® Play. Both apps control power on and off, volume, and sound mode settings, as well as the ability for the user to choose and control content from Pandora, Internet radio stations and music files from network-attached storage (NAS) devices on a home network. The apps are very user friendly, with sophisticated graphics and the ability to make adjustments with simple touches on the screen. The iControlAV2012 adds enhanced single screen access points, 18 DSP sound adjustments via Pioneer Sound Explorer, including 4 Virtual speaker modes (Height, Surround Back, Depth, and new Virtual Wide) as well as 2nd zone content and volume control.

Maximize Television Performance
Maximizing the performance of any television, the Elite receivers use the latest technologies for 1080p video conversion and scaling to significantly improve the image quality from any source.
• Video processors – Pioneer's VSX-42 uses an Anchor Bay® video processor while the VSX-60 incorporates Marvell's award-winning Qdeo® technology, offering high quality video processing for maximum performance and flexibility. Qdeo provides a truly immersive viewing experience by capturing, processing and rendering a wider variety of video signals ranging from high definition Blu-ray Disc™ to portable video sources such as smartphones.
• Stream Smoother – The VSX-60 features Pioneer's Stream Smoother technology to automatically improve images coming from the Internet via other devices such as connected Blu-ray Disc players, thereby reducing compression noise and reproducing cleaner and more pleasing images. The technology is especially helpful with low bit-rate video material originally intended for viewing on small screens.
• Advanced Video Adjust – Pioneer's Advanced Video Adjust technology used in the VSX-60 model automatically optimizes video signals by the type of display (selected manually) connected to the receiver, such as Plasma, LCD and Front Projector. For example, the receiver can reproduce a detailed and virtually noiseless image on plasma panels, enhance the black level of LCD displays, and produce sharper, more vivid images with front projectors. The feature can further adjust and enhance images based on the user's viewing distance from their display by utilizing the distance information established during MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System) calibration to determine how much adjustment is necessary.

Audio Enhancements
While both models incorporate 192kHz/24-Bit DACs, MCACC room calibration and Advanced Sound Retriever for excellent sound quality, the VSX-60 takes it further with Advanced MCACC, Phase Control Plus, PQLS Bit Stream and Virtual Depth.
• Advanced MCACC – In addition to MCACC's ability to automatically compensate for differences in speaker size, level and distance, Advanced MCACC on the VSX-60 uses 3D calibration for a more precise measurement by including time axis measurements.
• Phase Control Plus – The VSX-60 enables users to delay the signal output of the main channels of the receiver from 0-16 milliseconds to compensate for the potential lag of low frequency signals (subwoofers). With Phase Control Plus, listeners can receive all audio signals at the same time, resulting in excellent sound quality with improved imaging and staging.
• PQLS Bit-Stream –PQLS technology eliminates distortion that can be caused by digital bit stream timing errors by precisely synchronizing digital audio signals between the VSX-60 and the PQLS-compatible player for the best possible digital-to-analog conversion.
• Virtual Modes – For a more realistic audio video experience, the VSX-60 features Pioneer's exclusive Virtual Modes. The receiver can simulate sound coming from various areas in a room without actual additional speakers connected. The technology can simulate a virtual surround back, virtual height and virtual depth to obtain audio effects that replicate environments being watched on a television.

New Elite Receivers – At a Glance
VSX-42 VSX-60
Suggested Price $450 $650
Power 80 watts x7 90 watts x 7
AirPlay Yes1 Yes
iPhone/iPad / Android Control ControlApp iControlAV2012
Ethernet Wired Wired/Wireless (with optional adapter)
Network Content Windows 7 / DLNA 1.5/ vTuner / Pandora Windows 7 / DLNA 1.5/ vTuner/ Pandora / SiriusXM
HDMI (V.1.4a with 3D, ARC)
In/Front/Out 6/0/1 6/1/1
Video Processor HDMI 1080p HDMI 1080p/24fps / Advanced Video Adjust
Pioneer Sound Enhancements Steps Auto MCACC / Phase Control Advanced MCACC/ Phase Control Plus/ PQLS Bitstream/ Auto Sound Retriever
Multi-Zone 2 Zone Analog Audio 2 Zone Analog and Network Audio

1Airplay requires iTunes 10.1 or later and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 4.2 or later; VSX-42 requires Ethernet connection to a home network for AirPlay
Full product specifications on the new line of Elite AV receivers can be found at
Pioneer's iControlAV2 and Air Jam Apps are currently available for free from the Apple App Store on iPhone and iPad or at