Entropia Universe player drops $2.5 million on virtual land deeds

Entropia Universe - beach on planet Calypso

Entropia Universe is in the news again, and yes, it's because of a huge real-money transaction initiated by one of the game's players. MindArk says that a single investor bought $2.5 million US worth of land lot deeds on Calypso, which is one of the game's oldest planetary zones. Entropia's citizenship system originally launched last December with almost 60,000 land deeds up for grabs. The mechanic allows for revenue sharing among citizens; the annual return on investments is hovering around 27%.

In a nutshell, the system allows players to amass weekly profits directly from the game after an initial investment of $100 for a single land deed. Investment opportunities are open to anyone with an Entropia avatar, and MinkArk also reports that the game features over one million registered accounts and over $400 million in annual user-to-user transactions.

[Source: MinkArk press release]