Apple patent app details 'active packaging,' a new level of window shopping

Apple's generally not one to go overboard with packaging; a simple white box with a few unmistakable logos is just about all it takes to get the point across. But in a future world -- one where people have digitized skin and NFC readers in their fingernails -- we'll obviously need something with a bit more... flamboyance. A patent application originally filed on December 12th, 2011 (and just made public today) details an "active electronic media device packaging," which outlines a method for packaging gizmos in a box that "may include one or more electrical traces in-molded or printed onto the packaging."

It gets a little ambiguous from there, but it sounds as if "one or more wireless power techniques" may be tapped into in order to keep marketing material humming when folks walk by. Speaking of which, the app also explains that POM sensors could be used to "detect various movements events," potentially activating as prospective consumers stroll by. To reiterate, an application for a patent doesn't mean that any of this stuff will get close to coming to fruition, but if you'd like to make absolutely sure you don't live in a world where products call to you from the shelves, we heard Sir Richard Branson can assist.