Karos Online shutting down, Rosh Online welcoming refugees

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.06.12

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Karos Online shutting down, Rosh Online welcoming refugees
Karos Online
We haven't heard much about Karos Online since its 2010 launch. It seems as though the title struggled to find an audience over the past two years and is now facing the end of its days. The team announced that Karos Online will be shutting down soon and urged its community to migrate to Rosh Online.

As of today, new accounts for Karos are disabled, and current players will be unable to purchase in-game currency for the cash shop. Karos Online will spend its next week spinning down its wheels before turning off the lights on April 13th.

Happily, Ignited Games has created a generous welcome package for Karos players willing to make the jump to Rosh Online. The benefits for doing so include in-game goodies and the conversion of cash shop currency to a compatible equivalent. On top of that, Karos players can jump into higher-level Rosh characters depending on how high they leveled their Karos contemporaries.

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