Inhabitat's Week in Green: autos galore, electric trees and the world's largest rooftop farm

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Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green.

Electric DeLorean
Electric DeLorean

Flying cars and taxis of the future drove out of our imaginations and onto the show floor of the 2012 New York Auto Show this week as autophiles poured into the Jacob Javits Center from far and wide. Inhabitat editors left no hybrid or electric cars unturned as they scoped out gems like the Fisker Karma's lower-priced but equally-sexy cousin, the Fisker Atlantic, and Infiniti's revolutionary LE electric car, which will use the world's first wireless home charging system. We were also wowed by reveals of the Lincoln MKZ hybrid vehicle and a special guest appearance by the back-to-the-futuristic electric DeLorean (shown above).

Even though we kicked the week off with some pretty plausible April Fool's Day stories, some of the actual events from the past few days proved that truth is often stranger than fiction. Case in point: this Indian man single-handedly planted a 1,360 acre forest (really makes you question what you've accomplished in your life, doesn't it?) and a spooky unmanned Japanese ghost ship was recently spotted off the coast of Canada floating aimlessly in the sea. In other news, Harry the Hermit crab was picky about his abodes until he was presented with a custom-made LEGO shell, and the electric blue trees that sprouted up in Seattle weren't stragglers from a Dr. Seuss book, but rather the work of an artist calling attention to the dangers of deforestation. On the other hand, some reforestation is about to take place in NYC, as Marty Markowitz and celebrity chef Mario Batali announced that the world's largest rooftop farm will be coming to Brooklyn in 2013. And finally, it seems the media made April Fools of themselves last week when they jumped to the false conclusion that taxpayer money was lost after Solar Trust of America filed for bankruptcy.

The world of design presented us with some inspiring new developments this week as we delved deep into tiny terrarium worlds, ogled IKEA's otherworldly new jellyfish lamp and witnessed an eco Easter egg sprout mini skyscrapers just in time for the holiday. More strides were also made in the race for cleaner energy as this young savant at the University of Delaware developed a self-sustaining solar reactor that could revolutionize clean energy as we know it and Bayer revealed a new seismic wallpaper that could actually keep walls from collapsing in an earthquake. Not to be outdone, scientists from Austria and Japan announced that they created micro-thin solar cells narrower than spider silk and Chinese researchers unlocked the secret of butterfly wings to make solar electricity more efficient. And, of course, no tech recap would be complete without an innovation from Google - the search giant just unveiled its new pair of "Project Glass" augmented reality glasses.