Panasonic pimps portable power packs purportedly powering phones (and tablets)

Panasonic isn't letting any chocolate egg hangover delay its plans for global smartphone domination. It's releasing eight new external battery packs that'll power your smartphone and / or tablet. The biggest model in the series, the QE-QL301 packs a 10,260 mAh battery that claims to charge a handset four times over, or juice two at the same time (twice). The range also includes three wireless charging plates powered by Energizer's QI platform and, just to show that Panny's thought of everything: the dual-USB ports on some of the models come with a little LED light so you can even find them during night-time power-cuts.

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Panasonic to Launch High-Capacity USB Mobile Power Supplies

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation today announced it will launch a new series of portable USB Mobile Power Supplies as auxiliary power sources for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, on May 28, 2012, for the Japanese market. The highest-capacity model in the series, QE-QL301, can provide enough power to fully charge a smartphone four times*1*2 on a single charge, twice the capacity of the company's current model*3.

With the advancement and rapid popularization of mobile devices, there has been a growing concern over battery life among users. Given this situation, the market for auxiliary power supplies is expanding, and there is a particular interest in rechargeable power supplies, which are economical and cause less environmental impact as they can be used repeatedly.

The new series of Panasonic USB Mobile Power Supplies consists of eight models ranging from lightweight portable models to high capacity models, enabling users to continually use their mobile devices on the go without having to worry about running out of power. The high-end QE-QL301 offers a minimum capacity of 10,260 mAh and has two USB ports allowing it to charge two devices, such as a tablet PC and a smartphone, simultaneously*4. The new lineup also includes three contactless models*5 that can be charged wirelessly using Qi technology*6, the global standard for wireless charging. As they can be also charged via USB port or AC outlet*7, they offer flexibility in charging.

With this new series, Panasonic will offer innovative ways to charge a variety of mobile devices.