Blizzard recaps the story of Cataclysm's legendary daggers

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|04.11.12

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If you don't play an endgame rogue capable of getting your hands on the Fangs of the Father legendary daggers, you missed out on quite a bit of awesome lore surrounding the future of the Black Dragonflight. Worse, you don't get to meet Wrathion the Purified, Deathwing's son, at all. This has been an ongoing problem with legendary quest chains specific to certain classes or roles, but Blizzard has provided a solution this time around.

Blizzard has released a series of videos detailing the events that occur throughout the Fangs of the Father quest chain. Even better, the entire recap is narrated by Wrathion himself, describing the events of the quest chain from his perspective. The entire thing is capped off with an insinuation that we just might run into Deathwing's heir beyond the mists of the sea.

You can watch the first part embedded above and the following three parts either on or behind the cut below. In addition to the videos, offers a list of the first 100 people to complete their Fangs in each world region.

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