Entropia Universe brings recruiting app to Facebook

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|04.11.12

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Entropia Universe brings recruiting app to Facebook
Entropia Universe - fantasy village
Entropia Universe has always skirted the line between game and advertising scheme, and the latest evidence of this is a new social media program developed by MindArk and Socialtype that aims to reward existing players for recruiting new ones.

MMO recruitment drives are nothing new, but the kicker here is that the potential recruits can experience a slice of Entropia via their Facebook accounts. MindArk is using a software app called Bamboo to connect the MMO and Facebook portions of Entropia. Bamboo "turns your players into a highly-motivated marketing army," according to the app's website. "Bamboo users become ambassadors. They earn points for promoting your game through their social network. Every action is incentivized."

MindArk says that the Entropia atmosphere has been ported to the Facebook app via its UI, graphics, and lore. New users can also add to said lore via their own unique plots.

[Source: MindArk press release]
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