A Rakghoul plague has broken out across the galaxy of SWTOR

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A Rakghoul plague has broken out across the galaxy of SWTOR
SWTOR: News Cast
Citizens of Star Wars: The Old Republic are advised to steer clear of the the planet Tatooine to avoid infection from a Rakghoul virus outbreak.

A ship carrying infected passengers crashed in the northeast quadrant of the Dune Sea; quarantine teams have been dispatched to the local interplanetary space port to prevent the spread of the disease. Please, avoid all infected citizens at all costs! It is possible for you to carry the the virus yourself. If you are infected and attempt to flee the planet Tatooine, you will be fired upon for the safety of all Republic citizens.

At this time, the disease is contained to one planetary system; however, our advice is to avoid travel in major space stations and other areas with travelers who may be coming from the Tatooine system.

We will keep you informed of further developments as they unfold. May the Force be with you, and watch the official Imperial holonet broadcast after the break.

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