Previously on MV TV: The week of April 7th

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Previously on MV TV: The week of April 7th
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Oh hey, guys and gals, did you know that it was just Friday the 13th? Yes, it was. Don't worry; you'll have nothing but good luck on this week's recap of livestream goodness. If you missed a stream that you really wanted to see, or if you've never tuned in to check out what we do, head on over to our page and keep an eye out. Be sure to bookmark the livestream guide as well so you can keep up with the current schedule. We have a lot of variety in our line-up, so it's always good to check back!

This week we had some great stuff! MJ has been streaming like her life depends on it lately, first jumping into EverQuest II, then spending some time in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. She had to pay some attention Aion, of course, and there, she showed off some player housing and took a trip on an airlink. Mike was back in EVE Online avoiding death-rays and spacemen and later found himself dead in RIFT... again. The Mists of Pandaria have tempted Richie once again, and thankfully our cameras were there to capture it. Meanwhile, I spent some time boating in Second Life and gave a first look at Stronghold Kingdoms.

Just look at that lineup, will you? We're proud! Now click past the cut and get to viewing!

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Deciding to start the day by hiring a mercenary, MJ had to sneak into Freeport to hook up with the best healer. Nothing like watching her repeatedly wetting the guards blades with her blood! Stubborn as always, she finally bought the services of the famed Ratonga healer Stamper Jeraf (who was promptly renamed by viewers). Wondering whether mercenaries are worth it in EverQuest II? Check the stream out for first-hand look.

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Reborn! A new Disciple entered the world of Telon and immediately began the task of saving the village. MJ had never played the newbie Isle of Dawn in Vanguard before, so this is where her adventures this week began. Soon, she was joined by a viewer, and more fun ensued. Best part? Here, he says, touch this... watch to see the results.

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First, MJ went knocking on housing's door in Aion and gave a tour of the new Elyos housing district Oriel. Full of streams, waterfalls, and vegetation galore, the area is a perfect place to unwind. Even better, she got her own studio apartment complete with a butler. Missed out on seeing the new digs? Watch to check it out.

On the second day, there was Sarpan. For this part of the tour, MJ grabbed an airlink and flew all over the map to show off the different terrains of the first new zone of 3.0. Watch as she trips out each time she comes upon an Asmodian in this no-fighting realm. Old habits die hard!

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Mike once again attempted a cannonball run into low-security space, and while he did get the opportunity to mine some relatively worthless minerals, he also got the opportunity to get blown to pieces by angry NPC pirates. Such is the life of an EVE capsuleer. A very, very bad EVE capsuleer, at least.

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After last week's stream, you probably thought Mike was done getting accidentally killed and trying to close open rifts all by his lonesome. Well, you were wrong! Mike never learns from his mistakes. Deaths, open rifts, and other disasters abound in this week's RIFT stream, and Mike solidifies his status as someone who is bad at video games.

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This week, Richie entered the Mists of Pandaria to find giant pink blocks dotting the landscapes. But as they say, "beta is beta," and he managed to complete the Wandering Isles starting area despite the colorful anomalies. With the level 1-12 content complete, he decided to check out what a level 85 Monk could do in the new Jade Forest zone. Did he teach the simian Hozen a lesson? Yep. Did he make references to Labyrinth? You betcha. Did someone in chat tell him how to fix the pink blocks with five minutes of the show remaining? Maybe. Definitely maybe.

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I have always loved the water in Second Life, and there are entire communities built around boating and living on the sea. In this week's stream, I took a tour of different boating areas, took a trip on a speedboat with a buddy of mine, and even visited the massive Titanic replica that was built by players.

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Stronghold Kingdoms turned out to be a lot of fun to play, but my livestream of the game shows just how confused I was at first. Still, it highlights some of the slightly primitive yet very charming graphics and wonderful music of the game. Check it out, especially if you are into MMORTS titles or city-sims!

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.
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