Daily iPhone App: SpellTower is a fast-paced word game with local multiplayer support

SpellTower is a challenging word game that was recently updated to version 3.0. This latest version includes retina graphics for the new iPad and local multiplayer support. Similar to Bookworm and other word games, SpellTower has a grid of letter tiles that you use to spell words by selecting adjacent letters. Each correct spelling removes tiles and earns you points. The goal of the game is to remove as many letter tiles as possible.

There are four different game modes - a Puzzle mode that'll add a new row of letters every time you correctly spell a word, an exPuzzle mode that challenges you to spell longer words, a Tower mode that lets you spell as many words as possible and a Rush mode that forces you to spell quickly. The game includes a few specialty tiles that'll sometimes help, sometimes hinder you in the game. There are blue lettered tiles that knock out an entire row of letters and black tiles that'll block you from spelling words. These black tiles disappear when you spell an adjacent word.

The biggest improvement in version 3.0 is a new multiplayer mode that lets you play against a friend via Bluetooth. This multiplayer mode takes the Rush game and pits you against a friend. You have to spell as many words as possible before your letter tower reaches the top. SpellTower adds a twist to the game by throwing letters to your opponent every time you spell a correct word. Not only do you move ahead when you spell a new word, you also set your opponent back.

Whether you're playing the fast-paced Rush mode or the casual Tower mode, SpellTower will give your brain cells a workout. It's available for US$1.99 and includes both an iPhone version and a retina-capable iPad version.