ChangYou plans to bring Shadowbane back in China

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.23.12

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ChangYou plans to bring Shadowbane back in China
Old MMOs never die, they just get farmed out.  Well, except AC2.  And TMO.  And E&B.  And SWG...
MMOs die. It's a very sad reality, but a reality just the same. And more often than not, there's no chance for a revival. But every so often the stars align just right and fans get lucky, which is almost the case with Shadowbane. Nearly three years after the game's shutdown, it looks like it'll be getting a new lease on life... as the basis for a new title developed by ChangYou.

There are no firm details on what the new game will look like, although it appears to have been in development for roughly a year at this time. Preliminarily titled World of Shadowbane, the game is still too far in the future for any sort of launch information, much less discussion of whether or not the game will see an American release. Still, it's closer to a chance at revival than the game has had in the past three years, and that's something.
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