Namco Bandai fuses NA and EU operations

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Namco Bandai fuses NA and EU operations
Last week, Namco Bandai issued both North America and Europe-focused announcements, usually simultaneously, from an event in Las Vegas. That event is indicative of future operations, as the company is merging its North American and European operations, with former Bandai America CEO Mark Tsuji taking over as western CEO of all Namco Bandai.

"Over the last year we have been beginning our transformation of the overseas business, making sure that we are not only bringing East to West content but also sub-developing and bringing content from the West that can propagate to the East," Namco Bandai VP of marketing Carlson Choi told MCV. "In Japan for the fiscal year, Namco Bandai achieved 24 per cent market share. That shows impressive leadership. And we are asking: how do we transfer that leadership position across Europe and the States?"

Among the games shown off last week was just such a Western-originated game: Digital Extremes' Star Trek.
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