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Spirit Tales open beta delayed until May 10th

Spirit Tales open beta delayed until May 10th
Matt Daniel
Matt Daniel|@MVMatt|April 23, 2012 1:30 PM
Screenshot -- Spirit Tales
At the beginning of the month, KoramGame announced that its upcoming saccharine-sweet free-to-play title, Spirit Tales, would be entering open beta this Wednesday, April 25th. Alas, that is no longer the case. Fans of the mind-numbingly adorable title will have to wait another couple of weeks to get their hands-on time, as KoramGame announced today that the open beta has been delayed until May 10th.

So what's the deal with the delay? According to General Manager Yann Wang, "problems have occurred that have made it difficult to incorporate certain features that are vital to the release of the game." As a result, the game "will not be ready on the date [...] originally promised." He goes on to add, however, that "the Spirit Tales team... [is] optimistic that this short-but-necessary delay will ensure that [it produces] a much more complete and polished game." Here's to hoping that's the case, but we'll just have to wait until May 10th to find out for sure.

[Source: KoramGame press release]
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Spirit Tales open beta delayed until May 10th