DJ Max Technika Tune carried to North American Vitas this summer

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DJ Max Technika Tune carried to North American Vitas this summer

Last year, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea announced a Vita version of Pentavision's arcade game DJ Max Technika. Today, Pentavision revealed the adaptation with a new trailer – and revealed that it'll be coming to North America this summer.

Called DJ Max Technika Tune, the game is due on both PSN and retail, published by Pentavision Global in North America. It features the usual touch-based rhythm gameplay for the series – in which you tap icons in time to a scroll bar, on two divided segments of the screen.

However, the video also teases some unspecified "tune" feature using the rear touchpad. We've watched the end of the trailer a few times now, but the word "tune" and flashing lights just doesn't reveal any secrets to us.

Update: This piece originally stated that PM Studios would be handling North American publishing, which isn't accurate. Pentavision Global is handling North American publishing for DJ Max Technika Tune.
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