Vengeful Gladiator Screenshot Competition under way

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Vengeful Gladiator Screenshot Competition under way
So the Arena Pass is upon us! And here in the EU (well, it's "here" for me, OK?), another gladiatorial competition has kicked off.

Nakatoir announced on the EU PvP forums a few days ago that a Vengeful Gladiator Screenshot Competition had begun. What's that? Well, Blizzard is asking European PvPers to take some snaps of their characters duelling, doing Arenas or Battlegrounds, waiting for the aforementioned, or simply looking fierce. Captions, speech bubbles and the like in English are welcome, as is any editing of screenshots that you see fit to undertake.

Once you've taken and edited your screenshots, submit them to with the subject header "[Arena] Character Name, Arena Team Name, Guild name." Put any caption in the message, and attach your screenshot. You don't have to put in the information in the subject header, but you need to if you want credit for the image. Blizzard's unlikely to recognize your character from the photo. No offense.

The best screenshots selected by Blizzard will be proudly displayed on the Blizzard Facebook Page for everyone to enjoy. So get your Print Screen key warmed up and your creative minds buzzing, and send in some great screenshots. Fame and glory await you!

And if you're wondering why the competition's called Vengeful Gladiator rather than Cataclysmic Gladiator, that's for Blizzard to know ... and you to speculate about.

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