Virgin Mobile Canada announces HTC One S giveaway, suggests $600 retail price

Much like within the US, the HTC One S has yet to invade the Canadian shoreline. While the smartphone is expected to arrive at a number of carriers, Virgin Mobile has never been one to pass up a promotional opportunity. Accordingly, it's launched a teaser page for HTC's brawny middleweight, along with a giveaway that promises a free handset to two lucky individuals. Curiously, it seems the contest rules may have outed Virgin's off-contract price for the One S, and while the $600 figure is no shocker, it certainly gives purchasers an idea of what to expect. In related news, the Bell subsidiary is also currently offering the HTC One S to five beta testers -- so, if you're feeling like a good samaritan, feel free to make your case in the second source link below.