15-inch Series 7 Chronos with Ivy Bridge surfaces on Samsung's Canadian site

When it rains it pours. Hot on the heels of announcing that 17-inch Series 7 Chronos laptop it teased back at CES, Samsung is doing the predictable sensible thing and refreshing the 15-inch version with an Ivy Bridge processor as well. So far, we see it listed on Samsung's Canadian site with a 1GB NVIDIA GT640M GPU and a quad-core Core i7-3615QM CPU (remember that Intel hasn't announced its dual-core variants yet). Curiously, though, we don't actually see it for sale online anywhere, it's unclear how much it costs and that Ivy Bridge configuration isn't even listed as an option on the company's US site. We've emailed Samsung for clarification, but in the meantime you may as well consider this a placeholder -- and will yourself to hold off a little longer before pulling the trigger on a mid-sized laptop.

[Thanks, Hugo]