Engadget Podcast 291 - 04.27.2012

It's the Engadget Podcast, the only podcast in the multiverse that tried to change its name to "My Podcast Beat Up Your NPR's Science Friday."

Host: Brian Heater, Dana Wollman, Terrence O'Brien
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never

00:01:44 - Reminder: Webby Award voting ends tomorrow, give the Engadget Show some love
00:02:30 - The Engadget Show 32: ASUS, Huawei and a trip to Asia's gadget markets
00:05:00 - Google Drive official: 5GB of free storage, Chrome web apps, Wave-like sharing and editing (video)
00:18:33 - Apple's WWDC hitting San Francisco on June 11th
00:23:22 - Apple Q2 2012 earnings: $39.2 billion in revenue, net profit of $11.6 billion
00:28:10 - ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 review
00:35:00 - Tim Cook: Apple focusing more on iPad for enterprise
00:37:09 - Nintendo posts first annual loss of $460 million, predicts turnaround next year
00:38:45 - Nintendo confirms that it's selling 3DS at a loss, expects that to change
00:43:15 - Facebook updates S-1, adds Q1 earnings, revenue up 45% over last year
00:46:48 - Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight review
00:52:45 - DIY Cellphone has the footprint of an ice cream sandwich, definitely doesn't run ICS (hands-on)
00:58:00 - Star Wars Arcade gets fan-made mini-me, weeps tears of joy (video)
01:00:00 - Listener questions

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