Maingear's Pulse 11-inch gaming laptop has designs on M11x mourners

Gamers who'd been eyeing up an Alienware M11x may have been rightly irked when the 11-inch form factor was yanked off shelves. Fortunately, Maingear is stepping in with a laptop that slots an Ivy Bridge CPU into equally compact hardware. The Pulse 11 has an 11.6-inch 1366 x 768 LED-backlit display, supports up to 16GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM while packing HDMI-out 1.4a, USB 3.0 and THX TruStudio Pro sound. Graphics-wise, there's an NVIDIA GeForce GT650M with 2GB RAM for fragging your enemies, and an Intel GMA HD GPU for fragging your spreadsheets. The hardware will begin shipping on June 3rd, with prices starting from $1,099 for a Core i5, 8GB RAM and a 320GB HDD.